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Fast + Simple. Online ordering tool for small and mid-sized businesses.

Food. Products. Whatever.
Get your customers what they need...
fast and easy.

fastorder is a better alternative to handling our high-volume of phone or email orders.

Since using fastorder, we complete orders faster, more accurately, and everyone is happier.

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Who's using fastorder?

Many local businesses are switching to fastorder.
Why? because it's a fast and easy way for your business to keep your customers happy.

Really, any business can use fastorder!

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Yeah...It's probably for you.

Why fastorder is better.

We're all facing a new way of doing business. We need to keep things moving as smoothly and as quickly as possible.

Enter fastorder.

Whether your business is a restaurant, bulkfood store, butcher, landscape supplier, disposal service, hardware store, grocery store...or whatever...fastorder is a simple and fast tool to give keep your customers happy.

Who's using fastorder
It's just so easy.

Easy Back-End.

Simplify how you add your products, manage orders, and ensure accuracy with an amazingly-simple and easy-to-use back-end.

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Show 'em what you got.

Sell Anything*.

fastorder is flexible. Simply add your product, upload a photo, set a price...and you're done. From Topsoil, to Keurig® Cups, to entire can sell it. If you can use a spreadsheet, you can use fastorder.

*Legal, that is

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When. Where. How.

Track Orders.

Avoid phone and email orders when possible. Put all of your detailed orders into one easy-to-access place. Your customers and your staff will thank you for it.

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Sell better.

Better Experience.

Customers run from bad experiences. fastorder has created a fast, simple, and enjoyable way to order online.

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simple. fast. affordable. flexible.

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